Haujobb's Daniel Myer Brings "Architect" To Cleveland On April 14th


Born in 1971 and based in Bielefeld, Germany -Daniel Myer began experimenting with electronic music in his teenage years, and in 1993 he founded the legendary electro-industrial/EBM project Haujobb. Since then he has made a name for himself in the modern electronic music scene and initiated a legion of first class band projects like hmb, Newt and Destroid. Daniel is now also a permanent member of the renowned Swedish EBM band Covenant and has been since he first joined in 2007. Architect is a unique hybrid of IDM, electronica and smooth ambient soundscapes as inexhaustibly explored by Myer. 

We had a chance to catch up with Daniel and snag an exclusive interview in advance of the April 14 2017 appearance by Myer's "Architect" at The Phantasy Nightclub in Cleveland OH.

P: Hello, Daniel and thank you for doing this interview! Can you give us some highlights regarding your career and what or who inspired you to start producing?

D: What got me into making my own music was Djing. I started, when I was 15 and I loved to entertain people. But I liked a certain kind of music the most, which was very dark and heavy. There was not much out there, where I grew up in eastern Germany. Actually none. So when I moved to West Germany I found out these great bands and what inspired me
the most was "Too Dark Park" from Skinny Puppy. That was the record that made me do, what I do today. Explore sound, rhythm and atmosphere….

P: For those who have not heard Architect, how would you describe it? How did it come about?

D: It actually was my very first "side" project next to Haujobb. In the beginning it was more or less leftovers from Haujobb, that Dejan didn't´t like or that didn't´t fit in the Style of Haujobb. I liked all kinds of music back then, especially the growing IDM scene. So made a lot of stuff with fast breakbeats and distortion, that didn't´t work with the Haujobb sound. And I soon found liking in working on my own, independent, as you wish;)

P: It seems this project is very futurist, yet realistic at the same time...what are some ideas and influences behind the work?

D: Oh yes, with Architect I try to be on top of things. Always one step ahead of everyone else, hahaha. Which is impossible, I am just influenced by alot of things. Still a lot of music coming from england, breakbeats, garage, the new techno movement.There is so much good music out there, its crazy. And as Architect I try to combine my old love EBM/Industrial with the future
sound of Special Request or Ital Tek for example… But I also like Dark Ambient and Stuff like The Bug & Earth.

P: Can you tell us a bit about the newest single and upcoming release?

D: With the new single I tried to build a bridge of the last album, which was very atmospheric and kind of slow, with my older, harsher sound. Especially in the Clubmix these things come together pretty well. KInd of like Perc/Ancient Methods meets Massive Attack, hahahaha

P: So what prompted Architect to do a North American tour? From what I gather, the response has been enthusiastic! Can you give us an idea of what to expect?

D: Exactly. I finally got a visa, that is good for a couple of years and I want to use it, as much as possible. I love touring North America. It´s a lot of stress but so rewarding, meeting all these people, playing my music to people, that might have never heard of me before, or that like my stuff that I do with Haujobb and that will be surprised about what else I have to offer. Architect is very physical, I shout a lot, I do live drumming with my two floortoms, I have a new Videoshow and alot of new Beats on my Harddrive;)

P: The accompanying visuals are simply stunning! Can you tell us who and what was involved in their creation?

D: For the new single I worked with Stefan Alt, the label Owner and designer of Ant-Zen and Hymen Records. I am working with him from the very beginning. He is a visual Mastermind! He usually comes up with the images. I just give him a hint, a name of the record or song, and he comes up with these great images.

P: Where are you performing now, or are preparing to perform?

D: In Leipzig, going to Berlin in a couple of days with a new Techno Project, after that to Helskinki to perform with Covenant, than I will be home for 2 days before I leave for the NA Tour. Can´t wait!!!! 


Architect (Daniel Myer/Haujobb, Germany) with Textbeak (Cleveland) + Caffetine (New Orleans) + BentWithLight (Columbus)